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A BNP candidate [Sion Owens] for next month's Welsh assembly elections has been charged with a public order offence, after police were passed a video appearing to show him burning a copy of the Koran. (BBC News, 10 April 2011)

Firstly, I must state that I am not a BNP supporter, and neither is this ministry - I for one do not like socialism in any of its guises! However, this case is very interesting, as I believe it sets a legal precedent.

Allow me to elaborate: Readers may remember a case in late 2009, where a 200 year old King James Bible was deep-fried in batter, and sold at an art gallery in Glasgow (The Christian Institute, 8 Dec 2009). This followed another event at the same Glaswegian gallery, whereby a Bible was invited to be defaced by visitors to a homosexual art exhibition (The Christian Institute, 23 July 2009).

In what way are these two events, supposedly in the name of 'art', any different from the wilful destruction of a Koran? Only that the Bible is the word of God, whereas the Koran is the book of a false religion which follows the broad path to destruction. However, the sinful legal system of the UK puts the Koran and the Bible on the same level. In strictly legal terms (God looks at things far differently), it is therefore not unreasonable to suggest that the desecration of Bibles by Glasgow's sinful art scene is on the same level as Sion Owens' actions, and that the artists and gallery chiefs should be facing the same charges as Mr Owens.

If the video recording of a Koran burning is deemed to be a public order offence (and this is questionable), then the legal precedent has been set that the destruction of Bibles for public display is also a public order offence. Indeed, Sion Owens' video does not appear to have been intended for public viewing, whereas the desecration of Bibles was for public viewing, which makes the latter case worse.

We suggest that readers write to Glasgow's police chief in light of this new case, pointing out the brazen double standards. It is also worth writing to the Home Office or Theresa May, the Home Secretary.

© 12 April 2011

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