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For the world, the end of 2011 is much like its beginning – full of scandal, sin and failure...

Violent Men

The Daily Mail (30th Dec) reported there are 50 attacks on people (including paedophile) EVERY DAY by men who have been given the 'soft option' of community service!

Prisons must be tough, with just enough food and water, and hard beds with little room. There should be no facilities to pass away time, except maybe for good books. No TV. No radio. No contact with other prisoners. And violent men should not be let out if their violence is serial. For those who think this is unchristian – wait until a hardened paedophile does unmentionable things with YOUR child!

And how about this charming note... a man on curfew since last year for being violent against clubbers is to have his curfew suspended so that he can attend a New Year's party and go pub-crawling! Need I say anything?


At a time when government says it must cut back on what paltry help they give to pensioners, they are instead giving away our money to foreigners. Forgive my obviousness, but we pay taxes for our own country's benefit, not for others who live far away, and even hate our Lord God! And, to make matters worse, the government is still paying not just millions, but many billions to the EU, for no good reason, thus shoving our pensioners further down into the pit of despair. God sees! Meanwhile local councils are raising costs for its elderly care in homes... and believe me, home carers who work for local councils are paid far more than carers in the private sector!

Pensioners who have paid for their homes with hard graft have to sell them to pay councils, even though they have also paid plenty into the NHS system. The UK pays out about £1.4 Billion a year and guess what – the money goes to countries that are massively richer than our own! The poor in these countries are so because their despotic rulers can't be bothered to help them. Do you think they will bother at all if the UK keeps supporting their own citizens? Of course not! Let those sucker Brits pay for it all! It is my view that we do not really help by sending so much abroad, when rulers take all the riches for themselves. The money should be helping our own needy, not those in other countries. Think hard about it, friends and check it out against scripture.

Girls as Prostitutes?

It is now commonplace for girls to have sex with anyone they fancy, every night. And anyone who has ever watched travel programs knows just how sexually promiscuous girls are today. Which is why they account for a quarter of all abortions in the UK. Only Belgium scores more 'hits'! Sadly, many girls today like to dress up like prostitutes and act like them. What else does 'sleeping together' and 'having a partner' mean, other than being a prostitute?

Hard words, because they are necessary. About 30 years ago I looked on in amazement as a deacon's wife walked to the front of the church to sing a solo. She wore a skirt with a slit right up to her thigh, and a see-through blouse top! No-one commented, so she was able to act like a prostitute on church time!

Today, many Christian girls feel no shame in the way they dress, revealing almost everything. Don't they understand that they look like 'damaged goods'? It doesn't matter how pretty they are, or even how nice they look – boys don't see it that way. They only see the potential for sex! Yes, sure, some boys act in Christian manner and try to look the other way... but how many do that? I hate to disillusion you, but everything is sexual or sexualised nowadays!

And at this point may I suggest that you do not allow your teenage son or daughter going abroad on holiday with their mates? The idea is to drink into a stupor and obtain as much sex as possible. Think it doesn't happen to your child? Oh well... It isn't about 'trust' – it's about the atmosphere of foreign resorts, where everything is about sex and booze. Think even the purest of lads and lasses can cope with that? It only takes one sexual encounter to catch HIV or some other foul disease, or to become pregnant! It does not matter if the person regrets it or not... it has happened and life will not be the same again as innocence is replaced by sin..

Pills Not Joy

Britain consumes over 50 million antidepressants a year. This is a sure sign of the failure of the nation. Government presses ahead with its wanton and sinful policies, and employers regularly commit evils against their workers. But, these pills only work for a very short time, maybe just a few weeks. After that, you must increase the dose or they do nothing. They are not even necessary – what is needed is God's grace and love! But, the unsaved have no such love, only despair. But, what excuse do Christians have, if they resort to pills for depression?

Europe Gets More

Other European countries get everything cheaper and better. Rail prices in the UK are a massive TEN TIMES higher than anywhere else! Why? Try greed and the laxity of the British who rarely complain about anything. They might complain amongst themselves, but won't bother to get off their haunches to complain to the right people. So, they'll put up with the exorbitant prices, paying £3000 a year for what Italians get for a mere £300 on the railways!

The Year of Hatred

2011 proved to be especially fruitful for homosexuals and atheists, all of whom felt it necessary and fun to crush Christians to pulp. Isn't it odd that those who know God and do not hate, are themselves hated, not just once but n multiple layers of attacks? No reason, except the utter contempt and hatred shown by these people towards us. Oddly, the act of criticism and providing facts is now seen by these wicked people as 'hate' towards them!

In my lifetime I cannot remember ever hating anyone... except for one time when I was in junior school, and a neighbour bullied me. When I became a believer, I did not hate anyone, and have not done so since. That's the truth. Even my angriest or most potent words against unbelievers are not hate-filled, but simply factual and biblical. Yet, government approves of the hatred being poured onto all believers, for it wants a moral-free society. Sadly, they cannot seem to understand that if we ever reach that point, society is doomed to implode. Let me finish with a letter published in the Daily Mail:

"I sympathise with Simon Heffer's desire for a return to Christian morality, but he's wrong, as an atheist, to think this can be achieved without religious belief.

As the philosopher Nietzsche candidly professed, 'When you strike down Christianity, Christian morality necessarily goes too. When there is no God, there are no moral imperatives; no 'thou shalt' and 'thou shalt not'. Only 'I will'.

Or, as bishop Tom Butler said more recently, 'Morals in the absence are like the smile on the face of the Cheshire Cat; the last thing to fade – but fade they do.'

... What Simon seems to think of as 'civilised' is the product of two millennia of Christianity.

As German secular non-believer and leftist guru, Jurgen Habermas is supposed to have put it: 'Christianity and nothing else is the ultimate foundation of liberty, conscience, human rights and democracy; the benchmarks of Western civilization. Everything else is idle postmodern chatter.' "

Apart from one or two slight objections, the letter-writer was pretty close to the truth and the facts! And the facts are that ONLY a civilization that obeys the Lord can survive well and be a good society. Right now atheists and homosexuals want us to become amoral and without values. The end result would be anarchy and a fatally-diseased national soul.

Psalm 60 tells us in no uncertain terms that a 'broken society' is not caused by our sin or by our failings. It is broken by God, to teach us a lesson! Time and again in recent decades the people of the West have flaunted their sins and beaten-down God's word. The end is always defeat of self and the filth of men. Let us hand our lives back to God, and reclaim what He originally wanted for us.

© 31 December 2011

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