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“Five Turkish transgendered people are set to go on trial on Thursday (21 October 2010) on charges of resisting police and may face of up to three years in prison, in a case which could negatively impact the EU's yearly assessment of Turkey's progress toward accession.” (EUobserver, 19 October 2010).

This page shows how far advanced homosexuality has come, through manipulation of high-level officials. Note how 'gay' campaigners are pushing for ever increasing laws and police action to get their own way. Though benign, some photos showing 'transgenders' are sickening... men are supposed to be men, not pretend women!

The violence these people complain about is their own fault. Though people should refrain from violence, when genuine men see 'gays' acting as they do in public, and looking so obviously homosexual, it is an affront to decency and to a man's own sense of reality. It is no wonder they erupt into violence against these people. 'Gays' deliberately go out to cause violence and will even push 'straight' men to attack them by being provocative. They know that the more they appear to be under attack the greater is their chance to get more laws.

Homosexuality is foul - God says so. Do not fall into the trap of violence (though seeing 'gays' parading and flaunting their wickedness makes the blood boil)... instead keep complaining and keep telling everyone the truth... homosexuality is a death culture, it leads to an increase in paedophilia (despite gay statements to the contrary), a decrease in the age of consent, greater costs for taxpayers (for health and other provision), attacks on real families, and so on. The aim of 'gays' is to silence all objections and truth, and they will use law and police to their own advantage

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