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The Rt Hon David Cameron MP
Prime Minister, 10 Downing Street, London SW1A 2AA

26th September, 2012

Dear Prime Minister

I am very concerned and, in fact, extremely afraid that your present course of action concerning the issue of so-called "Gay Marriage" is going to lead to the demise of the Conservative Party as the only real hope, politically speaking,, of the future of our beloved country.

I am now in my 60s and have been heretofore a life-long, staunch supporter of the Conservative Party, because it has up until now stood up for the traditional family, good fiscal house-keeping and the "Establishment", which includes the Church. Far from being the "Nasty Party, as it has been so ineptly tagged by one of its own members, it has been the party, distinct from others, which represented the best interests of the nation and usually rendered good government.

However, I now find myself in the most unfortunate position whereby I feel I will not feel able to remain an active member of the Tory party or even ever vote for it again, should homosexual relationships be given the status of marriage by a Tory government. If someone such as I feels this way, I think you can be certain that there are very many others amongst Tory ranks who feel likewise, as indeed I know to be the case. I know none who think it a good idea.

You must surely be aware that support for your party at grass roots level is indeed haemorrhaging over this issue in particular. Most decent people think it is bizarre that you have decided to take up the gauntlet to fight for a cause that, at its best, is extremely dubious in nature and was not in the party's manifesto or, if it were, most voters were unaware of it and very many would not have voted Tory, including myself. Christians in particular feel deeply unhappy about it, not because of any prejudice or phobic misgivings, but rather because their Christian faith, based on the Bible, which they believe is the Word of God, is categorically against homosexual liaisons, as is made abundantly clear in both the Old and the New Testaments. This view is also shared by many other faiths. But the majority of people, not just those who are of a religious persuasion, also tend to think that it is not normal or natural behaviour. However, quite a sizeable proportion of the population have in recent years felt persuaded to become more accommodating of "gayness", simply because there has been such a concerted effort made by the gay movement over a long period, in order to gain their general acceptance by the public, their main plaint being that of intolerance and bigotry by any dissenters, who may not agree with them. Who are the true bigots here, I wonder?

There are many other, very good reasons for considering homosexuality to be undesirable, e.g.

  1. Homosexuality, if not the source of HIV, has spread the disease very significantly, in a similar way to venereal diseases, caused by promiscuous heterosexual behaviour.
  2. Children are already being proselytised into LGBT lifestyles, in schools, via the internet, etc. This will surely increase and what was once rightly considered as perversion will become part of the normal way of life.
  3. Those driving secularism and homosexuality have become dominant to the point where truth and morality have been completely turned upside down.
  4. What was formerly criminal is now respectable and what is reasonable protest is now criminal. This is already true to a large degree and will become even more the case.
  5. It is Christianity and holy matrimony that are now deemed a threat to the "purity" of homosexuality, lesbianism, bisexuality, trans-sexuality and adultery. Christians and the Bible are already actually being considered by many to be evil people.
  6. Should homosexual marriage become legalised, there will be an inquisition to hunt down all those who do not sign up to the "New Morality and Truth". Churches will be forced to close, with devastating impact on society as a whole.
  7. Catholic adoption agencies have been forced to close down, since they could not consider same-sex couples as parents, which is against Catholic and other churches' teaching on the importance of a child's basic need of both a mother and father.
  8. Public humiliation, fines, loss of jobs and occupations, police intimidation, physical violence and even prison will await all dissenters.
  9. Any criticism, debate, discussion or gesture which questions or criticises homosexuality and gay marriage will be deemed as hatred, with dire consequences.

You may wonder why it is that the Christian church in general does not agree with homosexual behaviour and you may think that they do so on a mere, old-fashioned whim. If so, the following summary, written in my own words, may help you understand why:-

Homosexuality is quite clearly a perversion of the intended union between a man and a woman, is against Nature and, most importantly of all, God abhors it, as is made thoroughly and unequivocally clear throughout the Bible. If proof of this is required, simply refer to Leviticus 18v22 "Do not lie with a man as a man lies with a woman. I detest it" and Malachi 3v6 "I, the Lord, do not change". The Apostle Paul's letter to the Romans makes perfectly clear in the first chapter that God's mind had not changed in respect of homosexual behaviour, following the coming of Christ to the earth. In other words, God never changes His mind about His laws, which represent His holy nature and character. We fool ourselves if we think He does.

Therefore, to put the liaison between two practising perverts on a par with the divine and holy institution of marriage, as this proposal aims to do, is nothing less than diabolical, in the full meaning of the term. It will degrade and devalue marriage in a way that nothing else could.

Moreover, the implications of this proposal's becoming law would be very far-reaching, including discrimination against Christians who adhere to Scriptural teaching, in similar fashion, for example, to the recent prosecutions made by gays against Christian guest house hosts, who would not permit two such perverts to share the same bed in the hosts' own house.

Most abhorrent of all, children will grow up thinking sexual perversion is perfectly normal and merely an optional life-style choice. The true institution of marriage, as originally designed and intended, will have been broken down even further than it already has, into a meaningless charade, with the consequent destruction of our society as we know it.

I have heard reports that you hold the opinion that this is one matter above all that you feel you have to pursue. However, my very firm view is that this is one matter above all that you should instead most definitely shelve. No doubt Labour, when they inevitably return to power at some time in the future (a very long time, I hope), would take it up again, were you to drop it now, but I believe that their return will be that much sooner and for a very much longer period, should you and your government proceed to push this thing through and thus truly qualify itself for that 'nasty party' title.

"The better part of valour is discretion; in the which better part I have saved my life (or, in this case, party)." Is a quotation which is surely most applicable in this situation. To stand up against Almighty God, whatever the pressure to do so, is never wise, as I think you will agree, sir.

Yours sincerely,

David N. Ross
B. Eng., M.P.W.I., M.R.C.E.A.


David Ross requests that Christians pray for the letter to:

  1. Get into the Prime Minister's hands quickly
  2. Be read by him, in its entirety
  3. Be used of the Lord to convict him of the error of the "Gay Marriage" proposal?