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“The Myth Makers”

In the original Pinocchio story, two very suspicious characters duped him into going with them to a town offering all kinds of earthly delights. He swallowed the bait, hook, line and sinker!

After a while of sampling those delights, Pinocchio slowly saw the reality behind what was going on. The glittering prizes proved to be shoddy and perverse. Kicking himself for his stupidity, he got rid of the myth and all was eventually well.

Today, naïve Pinocchio clones are everywhere. But, it seems, they can't separate reality from myth. The worst social disruption and myth-making today is in the hands of gay activists. Their influence is vast and seemingly unstoppable… but who has bothered to check-out their claims?

Without doubt, gay activists are now master scenery manufacturers. They are making a whole town out of wood and string, in their attempt to get everyone on their side. Those they dupe are usually highly intelligent and in positions of influence. But, for all that, they are nothing but Pinocchios, duped by what they see and hear. They have been told things by gays - but have not looked behind the scenery. If they did, they would be shocked to find an empty space!

Birth of Death

Winston Churchill observed in the Illustrated Sunday Herald, way back in 1920, that the new regime in Russia was a "system of morals and philosophy, as malevolent as Christianity was benevolent, which, if not arrested, would shatter irretrievably all that Christianity has rendered possible." He recognized that the regime, built upon sheer power and violence (like Nazi Germany) existed for "the overthrow of civilization and for the reconstitution of society, on the basis of arrested development, of envious malevolence, and impossible equality."

Now, if you are one of that rare breed - someone with intelligence who has not yet been duped by gay propaganda - what does that remind you of? Yes, that's right, the gay agenda and the movement it has spawned! Savvy commentators know that the current gay movement has its real roots in the Russian revolution, when homosexuality was proposed as a way to dissolve society, so that Russian task-masters could reshape it in their own image. (But, it didn’t work!).

Gay Thuggery

As we got into the 1930's another group took over the idea of using homosexuality to ruin society… the Nazi Party. Ernst Roehm, Hitler's right hand man and chief of the Brownshirts, was a depraved and dissolute homosexual. He believed that only homosexuals should rule the earth, and so most Nazi leaders were gay.

Which brings us to one of homosexuality's urban legends - the killing of gays in death camps. Of course, gays typically blame this on heterosexuals. But, in a queer (a pun!) turn of events, guess who were the main culprits? The camps were filled with gay S.S. men, and it was they who put their own kind to death! Have gays told you that one? No, I don't think so. It is gays who are fascist, not straights.

Do you truly think the aim of gay activists is 'equality'? Then you have again been duped. "Towards the achievement of their goals, bully-boy gays, in collusion with other international radicals, have pressured politicians into passing laws that technically demonize Christianity, the Bible, and orthodox Judaism. This has resulted in the persecution and arrests of some clergy. Due to their subversive efforts, communistic hate-crime laws, speech codes, political correctness, and sensitivity training, are being forced upon citizens of the West. Eventually, the Bible will be declared 'hate speech'.

“Gay rights' fascists and their international cohorts are lowering an Iron Curtain upon the Western civilized world. Unless this trend is arrested and reversed, the West will be cast into the violent darkness of barbarianism." (Foreword to 'Fascism Revisited: Exploding the Gay Myth', by Dr Rob Martyn. Publ Authorhouse in late October 2006). (Ed Note: 2014: The book was not finally published, because Authorhouse reneged on their contract; they were afraid of gay reprisals! Does this not prove my case?).

Well - do you recognize all this? Or are you still duped and entranced with the scenery?

Historian, Louis Snyder, when speaking of Roehm, said "He flaunted his homosexuality in public and insisted his cronies do the same. He believed straight people were not as adept at bullying and aggression as homosexuals, so homosexuality was given a high premium in the S.A." ('Fascism Revisited').

Homosexual Oppression of Straights

Don't you think this is remarkably like the gay movement of today? Gays are bullies without shame. They openly tell us the whole world will be homosexual in a decade! Did you know that? Do you know what will follow if the gay movement gets its own way? Already, gays are working hard to rid countries of any kind of morality. Thus AIDS, Syphilis, pedophilia, violence, oppression, and all kinds of evil will proliferate. The basic mind-set of gays is not formed for the good of society (over 99%), but for the furtherance of gay regimes (gays form less than 1% of all populations).

Already, gay activists are controlling universities. They intimidate and threaten academics, so that they do not research anything remotely oppositional to gay propaganda. If they do, they are removed! Similar policies are currently being drawn up in the UK, where the Sexual Orientation Regulations are being used to silence workers and academics who cannot accept homosexuality, even though their objections are true and valid. If they don't, they lose their jobs! I know because it has happened to me twice!

False Statistics from Gays

Pro-gay policies control the police and legislature. As a result, so-called 'hate crimes' (usually no more than muttering something at a gay) are ruling police time. But, are the claims to 'hate crimes' actual or just another bit of the fake scenery? The FBI tells us that almost no 'hate crimes' are done in the USA (or the UK)! But, gays are saying there are hate crimes all over? Exactly - they are saying it… but there is no proof. Indeed, an FBI spokesman says that special protection is needed not by gays, but by heterosexuals! I've got the figures - have you got the guts to see them? (More recently, gays are provoking straights in all countries, so that they encounter violence. Then, they report it as a 'hate crime', Very clever, eh?).

Between 1966 and 1983 there were 518 mass murders in the USA. A huge 68% of them were committed by, guess who… yes, gays. The National Crime Survey reports that there were 7% homosexual rapes… but the figure has "dramatically increased" with the rise of the gay rights movement… especially where gays congregate.

The average age gays and lesbians die is in their forties. Very safe lifestyle!

Gays Just Love Your Kids!

What about pedophilia? "Most sexual assaults on kids are done by straights!" yell gays. But, have you checked the actual official figures? If you did you would find that the largest number of pedophile crimes are executed by… guess who? Yes, gay males!! This should not be surprising when over 70% of all gay men claim to have sex with under-age boys! (Ed. 2014 note; When you now hear of pedophile rapes and killings, there is no mention of whether or not the perpetrator is gay, so authorities mislead the public).

Gays openly say they want our children at a young age. That is why they want to get into schools, so that kids as young as three can be brainwashed to accept homosexuality as 'normal'. That is why even now, YOUR kids are being taught the techniques of sodomy and oral sex IN SCHOOL!

Is This 'Love'… or Just Plain Filth?

And what about all those nice young men holding hands. They look so clean-cut. But, do you know how many of them eat their partner's feces? Yes, you are reading it right. 33% eat their partner's feces (Amer. J Public Health, 1985: study in San Francisco). Feel fuzzy-warm all over, knowing this?

Official figures show the number who practice this filth is rising. They actually eat feces during sex, after hooking it out of the anus with their fingers. And many gays work in the food industry, restaurants, cafes, sandwich bars… fancy going to a gay party tonight? Or, eating at a restaurant or café run by gays? Want to chance it?

Blame for AIDS

Since the mid-1980's, gays have worked very hard to persuade the public that 'everyone' is to blame for AIDS. But this is not what the actual facts show! Gays were TOTALLY responsible for ALL AIDS cases in the West when the disease first caused concern. Gays say that today heterosexuals are to blame… but did you know how straights got AIDS? Yes - through gays, who also liked sex with women, or who shared needles, etc.! And gays are still Number One Perpetrators of HIV and AIDS, syphilis, etc., throughout the world. Did you know that? Probably not… check the official figures.

Gays Are 'Born That Way'?

Gays can't help it - they are born that way! Oh yeah? Who says so? You've got it - gays say it! They have to say it because it is all a myth, developed to stop straight back-lashes against them for what is surely the biggest social crime in history… the making of people into deviants.

No research on earth proves that gays are 'born', only that they choose to be homosexual. Even the latest researches cannot prove a genetic or any other 'natural' cause for homosexuality. That is because gays choose to enact deviant sexual practices. The fact that they have to adopt children is a true indication of the sterility and unnatural nature of homosexuality. Go on, check the actual facts. See that gay research has ALL been debunked. ALL of it… no kidding.

This is very important, because all recent changes in law, to 'protect' gays, are built upon the premise that homosexuality is natural and inborn! If it is not, then there is no need for all that protection, or all those pro-gay laws. Indeed, such laws must be repealed. Simple.

Homosexuality is very unsafe, very unnatural and certainly immoral. The reason gays want to destroy Christianity is also simple - it tells people the truth about themselves. Aren't you just a little bit angry that you are being made into a gay puppet? Aren't you just a little bit curious about why gays want to shut down all avenues of personal freedom of speech? Remember, YOU could be the next to be crushed.

Look at all the facts before siding with the scenery makers, those who construct myths and then use them to dupe and fool intelligent people. Gays are very clever… but are you more clever, because you recognize when you are being made into a puppet… do you?

(All of the above statements are actual facts and are referenced in the new book by Dr Rob Martyn, out later in October*: 'Fascism Revisited: Exploding the Gay Myth' and published by Authorhouse, USA. It bluntly exposes every lie and deception used in gay propaganda. Have you got the guts to read it? If you do, its contents demand a cessation and repeal of all pro-gay laws, with immediate effect).

(Note: Each of these 12 articles (A-800 to A-812) were first published in 2006 on a news-article website, now closed down. They were then republished by Yahoo and rediscovered by us by accident.
At the time they were the top-ranked articles on the site, but homosexual activists hacked into the system to reduce their popularity - such is their free speech and tolerance! It is this fascism that proves the weakness and intellectual paucity of their arguments.

© July 2006

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