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"For over 10 years I lived the homosexual lifestyle, and for 34 years I have not."

This testimony of an ex-homosexual (David Kyle Foster) is not unusual, but very common. (CharismaNews, 18 July 2014)

It confirms my expert view (and I really do know what I'm talking about) that if the public actually KNEW what homosexuality stood for, about its aims, and the awful reality of its existence, they would NOT give it any support whatever! The only support comes from those who are themselves sexually perverse, or who are woefully ignorant... and this ignorance today comes about because Stonewall has used laws to protect and hide the truth.

When I researched and then gave my findings on homosexuality's part in the causation of AIDS, when it first came to light, and then called 'The Gay Plague' by health professionals (because it was caused 100% by gay

activity), I was literally treated like a ritual slaughter animal! My career was ended, my college got rid of me, and anything I said was silenced.

I gave many warnings, including the fact that many millions would die worldwide because the causation (homosexual behaviour) was being covered up officially, for no good medical or scientific reason. So far many millions have died.

Gay marriage is an oxymoron, because it defies the scientific (biological and sociological) facts, that ONLY like can be compared with like. This vital axiom is ceteris paribus (with other things the same), and it is the basis for almost all scientific studies that look at the same things for comparative purposes. It is as close to a law that you can get! Yet, those who are ignorant of what homosexuality is, and those who deceive (such as Stonewall) will ride roughshod over this vital truth! MPs and law-makers, knowing nothing but shouting the odds in favour of homosexuals, seem to be unaware of this scientific factor, so they push laws that make no sense, and which have no basis in fact. The 'marriage' of same sex couples, is, then, a denial of science, a refusal to PROPERLY study known facts, and evidence of intellectual moronism in those who blatantly display their support.


Homosexual couples are notorious for their promiscuity, their very short-lived relationships (about two years at most), and their domestic violence. I am not saying these do not occur in heterosexual marriages, but that the incidences amongst homosexuals is starkly very much higher!

Also, marriage of same sex couples is a sign of philosophical ignorance as well, because the very title 'homosexual' is itself an intellectual nonsense. To say someone is 'homosexual' is useful as a temporary description of their sexual activity, but it really does not exist as a separate category of humanity. This is because ALL humans are BORN heterosexual. Only after some years do they turn to perverted sexualities and CHOOSE to be perverse. Thus, EVERY HOMOSEXUAL IS SIMPLY AN HETEROSEXUAL WHO MAKES ABSURD AND STUPID CHOICES. It is this simple truth behind the fact that ALL homosexuals, male or female) return to heterosexuality at some time. Only a very few remain in their perversion... which is, again, a deliberate choice, and not a natural response.

Homosexuality is unnatural, unhealthy, and wicked in its extreme forms.. and these forms are increasing as laws arise to support them. this is why paedophilia is now lining-up for legal acceptance. It is a known fact that at least 70% of all homosexuals want sex with minors (because they are 'fresh meat free of HIV... until they have sex, that is).

In the USA armed forces bestiality is already 'accepted' and multiple couplings are on the cards. Homosexuality is the key to massive societal destruction.

Of course, point out to MPs and law-makers that they are ignorant and anti-intellectual and they will likely stick to their rusty guns rather than check the facts! Their pride will not allow them to learn the facts and turn against the homosexual agenda they are supporting! This is evidence not of staunchness but of childishness. And while these childish, ignorant leaders make their pro-gay decisions the rest of society is deeply harmed.

This is why everyone MUST learn the truth about homosexuality and INSIST on their MPs being truthful and intellectually-challenged! It is also why Christians MUST deny homosexuals a safe-haven by saying they "do not discriminate". Only an utter fool will refuse to discriminate safety from hazard, health from death, and people who harm us.

As for homosexuals who turn from their evil lifestyles to return to heterosexuality... DO NOT ALLOW ANYONE to say this is a change from homosexuality to heterosexuality. This is only half the story... keep telling them; they were BORN heterosexual and then CHOSE to turn to a distinctly dangerous and unnatural form of sexuality. THEN they chose again to change, from a wicked lifestyle to normality. Get it straight!!