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“Are All Sins Equal?”

It is a truth that, to God, all sins are equal in terms of culpability. And when it comes to salvation, all sins are equally forgiven. Thus, for purposes of salvation, a man who murders 1000 people is no more culpable than a man who, say, has not committed any obvious sins at all. In the matter of salvation, the sins of neither will alter anything in their salvation, simply because 'sin is sin'.

This is possible for two reasons:

1. It is the principle of Sin that sends men to hell, not the many sins they commit every day. These resultant sins are caused by the inward principle of Sin, and it is this inward principle, the very core of a man, than sends him to hell. Thus, if we play the numbers game, a vicious killer who later repents and is saved, is acceptable to God, whereas a lifelong church pastor who has never been saved, will enter hell!

2. God chooses Who He will save. That is why the above factor must be treated carefully. No Christian knows exactly who will be saved in the future. Therefore, we must all witness to others and preach the Gospel. No person can be saved unless he has firstly been predestined by God. Most people scream abuse when they hear that, but it makes no difference at all to the truth.

What does this mean for homosexuals?

A number of things may be noted.

Firstly, anyone can change if God has altered their hearts and minds and they repent. This is made possible by the Holy Spirit regenerating their dead spirits. Simply claiming to be Christian won't do it. So-called 'gay Christians' should stop believing their own hype!

Secondly, those who repent must turn away from their sins, without exception. For homosexuals it means to stop their sexually perverse activities and going back to what they were created as - heterosexuals. Without this dramatic change, homosexuals prove they are not saved at all, but pretending to be Christians… their supposed Christianity is ignored and rejected by God.

Thirdly, God calls homosexuality an 'abomination', so any form of it, whether gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, or paedophile, etc., is also an abomination. That is, cursed by God.

Fourthly, Christians do not go in for oppression and repression. If they do, they are wrong. Only homosexual pressure groups claim that Christians 'oppress' gays and it is a blatant lie. So, those who claim to be both gay and Christian prove they are not believers by acting against the rest of society and forcing them to comply with their sinful demands. It is THEY who do the oppressing. There can be no such thing as a 'gay Christian'!

Now we come to the question of how 'sinful' is sinful?

Those with scant Bible knowledge (and there are many of these, as so-called 'criticisms' prove!) claim that all sins are equal. Well, I have shown above that this is true at certain points. But not in the matter of how God sees sin!

God Himself calls homosexuality 'abomination'. He curses those who practice it, and says that if they continue to flaunt their sin, they will enter hell. Thus, whilst all sins can be forgiven (except for unbelief) if repented of, all sins do not carry the same penalty. And unforgiven sin is cursed by God.

(Hence: "Thou dost hate all who do iniquity." [Psalm 5:5]. Do you get that? God says He hates those who are wicked. So much for the wimpish 'God loves everybody' routine spun-out by so-called 'gay Christians'! No, they can't use John 3:16, because it does NOT say God loves the whole world… as the Greek translation proves. This has nothing to do with Rev Phelps and his kind. It is what God says).

For example, if someone utters a lie, he might be found out and be told off by others. It is a sin against God, but once forgiven, that's the end of the matter. On the other hand, a cold-blooded killer will face the wrath of people and God. Both can be forgiven by God if they repent, but the weight attached to the latter sin is much greater. Though he has repented and becomes a Christian, the killer must still be put to death by the state. This is because the death penalty for first-degree homicide must be administered. God says that the nation that does not do so is just as guilty as the murderer.

In the same way, an adulterer was told by Christ to go away and not to do the same things again. Homosexuals have the same command against them; they can't be both Christian and homosexual. And, as homosexuality is just a choice, a bad habit, a person can turn from it.

Note that homosexuality is an abomination and if those who indulge in it do not repent (including turning from the sin itself), they will never enter Heaven. That is what God says. The ridiculous objection, that "Jesus did not mention homosexuality" is to be treated with contempt, because it is so stupid, and those who claim it show their ignorance by saying it. Do you think Christ opposed His own Father's commands and judgments?

Homosexuality was so bad, God destroyed Sodom and the surrounding area. He says that Sodom would stand for all time as an example of absolute wickedness, a sin to be avoided at all costs. Those who do not will receive total condemnation and punishment. Indeed, this is what AIDS is. It is a sign of the wickedness of homosexuals, and a penalty for perverse sex. That is why an even greater 'gay plague' will continue to destroy gays everywhere, unless they do what is most obvious - stop gay sex and live a pure life.

If there was a scale of sin, gays are at the extreme bad end. That is why they are called 'wicked'. Wickedness, in scriptural parlance, describes something that is beyond the pale, beyond 'normal' sin. It is the very end of all extreme acts, because it also includes an arrogant disregard for God, for what He says, and for other people. It also includes extreme behaviours… and these have been noted time and again in homosexuals.

Hence, God condemns the wicked outright, even if they attempt to tag the title 'Christian' to their names! The only answer is repentance… an apology to God and a complete turn-around, rejecting the gay life, recanting of what is done, renouncing the behaviour, and a refusal to ever again return to it.

It does not matter that 'critics' will rant and rave. The words above are true. If you are an unrepentant gay you will enter hell. Is perverse sex an ample reason to remain gay, and to know the wrath of God as He sends you to hell? I don't think so. You can bluster all you like and whine about a 'hateful God', but you won't alter a thing. But, repent, and a new life is yours, free of the filth and degradation the gay life gives, along with its fears, compulsions and psychological misery inherent in the mental imbalance found in all homosexuals.

Finally, I must disregard the blood-spitting anger of gays and pro-gays and say this: in my ministry I receive regular letters and emails from men and women who turn away from the homosexual lifestyle. They recognised the truth and repented. Now, they live free of the awful grindstone that was once around their neck, dragging their characters and lives into the dirt. Remember - homosexuals can and do change! Thank God for it!

(Note: Each of these 12 articles (A-800 to A-812) were first published in 2006 on a news-article website, now closed down. They were then republished by Yahoo and rediscovered by us by accident.
At the time they were the top-ranked articles on the site, but homosexual activists hacked into the system to reduce their popularity - such is their free speech and tolerance! It is this fascism that proves the weakness and intellectual paucity of their arguments.

© November 2006

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