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Christian Parent Talk (no longer online) have launched a courageous series of one-page articles called ‘Communiqués’ to encourage Christian parents to confront the world’s values which can enter the home and turn it into a battleground when it should be a fortress home. These have been posted on the internet at

The term ‘Communiqués’ have a deliberately wartime ring and are issued from a ‘War Office’ that urges Christian families to take a firm stand within the four walls of their home.

Each ‘Communiqué’ takes the lid off an aspect of the attack upon the family and the child in particular. The author warns of the danger of state schools’ teaching porn, the media’s war upon the Christian family through television and the need for parents to deliberately teach and educate children in Biblical values.

The battle for supremacy between Christ and Satan rages ever more fiercely in our day and nowhere is the battle played out more fiercely than in the Christian home.

This series sends both explicit and implicit warnings against the propaganda that suggests that professionals know best on how to educate a child. The Biblical way was for the child to take his values from the home. This series restates this as being both possible and desirable.

The currently available Christian Parent Talk Fortress Home  'Communiqués' can be downloaded here: 

Communiqué 1 - This article is dedicated to changing the home from what it so often is - a battleground - into what it could be - a fortress

Communiqué 2 - In defence of the truth of the Biblical account of Noah

Communiqué 3 - The need to teach the Bible to children

Communiqué 4 - In defence of home schooling of Biblical values and truth

Communiqué 5 - Our society’s Death Culture

Communiqué 6 - Television is the pits!

Communiqué 7 - Don’t let schools teach your child porn