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"The Bible is full of stories of refugees. Jesus himself was a refugee in his infancy. To protect the stranger, the one who is not protected, runs like a thread through the Old and New Testament. There would probably be no approval from Jesus for the government policy." (Gatestone article about the way Swedish pastors have turned the Gospel into multiculturalism, 13 September 2016).

It is always difficult for me to answer rubbish like this because what they claim is so ridiculous!

I have come across this kind of argument several times in the past. What ignorant writers they are!

They wilfully misinterpret scripture to suit their socialist ideals.

I’d love to know what other ‘stories of refugees’ are in the Bible!!

Jesus was not a refugee in His infancy... His earthly parents fled to Egypt to escape Herod’s murderous aims, but there is NOTHING in scripture about this being the actions of a ‘refugee’!! They simply lived in Egypt, that’s all. There is no record of Joseph pleading to enter Egypt, or to be accepted as an asylum seeker.

It is likely that he just worked at his trade to keep his small family, before returning to Israel when the king died. He might even have used the expensive gifts from the kings to enable the family to live (Matthew 2). A far cry from modern so-called ‘refugees’ and very like the way ordinary folks today go to live in foreign countries.

Scripture must never be used to push a political agenda. Those foolish churches that centre on multiculturalism do not seem to grasp the hard fact that they are just as prone to Islamic rape, violence and throat cutting as those who do not accept these devils into their midst. They also fail to note that Islamists are content to join local churches in order to murder the pastor or his family (a stated objective of jihadists). What fools.

I suppose in a sense it is their ‘just reward’ for altering God’s word for political purposes!