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A Family Court judge in Sydney, Australia has approved a sex-change operation for a 10-year-old boy:

Family Court Justice Linda Dessau, who has a history of approving “sex change” procedures for gender-confused youngsters in Australia, has issued an order approving the procedures for a 10-year-old boy.

The court was told that the boy, known only as Jamie, had been dressed as a girl for the past two years, had been allowed to use the girls’ toilet at school and was “presenting as a very attractive young girl with long, blonde hair.” ( - Apr 19, 2011)

This is a truly horrific case, and is the result of Western society kowtowing to homosexual propaganda. The 'judge' has behaved totally unrighteously, and she should beware of what scripture says about unjust administers of law.

It is interesting that the article mentions that the same court allowed another child, this time one that was born a girl from a "troubled family", to undergo a procedure to try to undo the gender allocated to her by God, and become a pseudo-male. The fact that this child was from a 'troubled' family is very telling. When we see parents failing to obey God's ordinances regarding marriage and the family unit, there can be awful consequences on the children. Of course these consequences vary in scale, and the extreme end is children who do not even understand their own identity as either males or females. Add to this the propaganda given by sexual deviants, feminists, et al, and it is a recipe for disaster, culminating in the tragic kind of news story we see here. The fact that some of the cases listed in the article were actually brought to the courts by the children's parents - the pair who are responsible for protecting and raising the child - is a terrible indictment on today's society, and shows where disobeying God gets us.

This poor child will be told that his confused feelings are okay and natural, which will confuse him even more, and that the way out is to undergo an irreversible mutilation procedure to allow him to pretend he is something he is not. Of course, he will not be told that it is irreversible, and he will not be told that he will very probably come to have immense feelings of regret in the future, as the farce of his new identity becomes evident to him (yes, he will always be a 'him'!). Look at the tragic consequences that ensued when surgeons messed with this child's gender: Health Check: the boy who was raised a girl - BBC News, 23 Nov 2010
Also see BTM's commentary on the article, here.

This is the can of worms that we have opened with the idea of 'tolerance', and 'equality' for things that are clearly not equal. We have given homosexuals freedom to subvert all of society. The nation must repent or face further ruin. If not, maybe it will be your child next. And if you try to tell him or her that these thoughts are wrong and unnatural, and try to show them the truth, rest assured that the state, under the thumb of gay lobby groups, will always be there to undo any goodness you try to teach them, and to encourage them along the path of perversity and the "Do What Thou Wilt" attitude.

© 23 April 2011

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