Society and Culture
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As I watched the news and read social comments on a multitude of sources I have come to the conclusion that mass hysteria is the driver of people and not actual events... riots, looting, killing, Islam, COVID-19...

WHERE is common sense? Where is truth? Where is logic?

It is like being in a Looney-Tunes film where humans interact with animated characters as if they were real!!

I once asked someone “What is the best way to hide in an abbatoir?”
The answer was “Turn yourself inside out!”

Yeah, a bit gruesome... but it tells us what is happening today... reality has become a joke and the joke has replaced sanity and rationality.

People are almost literally turning themselves inside out to satisfy wicked sinful activities and people. This means what is extreme and wicked rules the day. Once we allow that to happen it is like jumping off a cliff so all of society smashes itself up on jagged rocks below. Today, people, even those most educated, are lemmings following whoever is at front.

The one at front is insane but those behind don’t see where they are heading.
But they follow anyway, wanting to be part of the scene.

The first jumps off the cliff because he is nuts. The rest do so because sheer momentum prevents them from stopping in their tracks! Too late!

As Christians I call upon you, in God’s Name, to STOP where you are.

DON’T join the lemmings. Don’t automatically side with ‘protesters’ whose aim is destruction and violence. DON’T apologise for being white, and don’t bleat with Black Lives Matter (BLM) about being victimised if you are coloured! Instead, take stock.

If change is needed, then seek it, peacefully and with all of God’s word in mind. Because if you don’t, you WILL become a member of a dark world getting darker, and be subject to the whims and evils inherent in a communist or Islamic system.

(Note: When I watch the nasty violence of BLM, Intifada, etc., I am reminded of the mass hysteria surrounding the death of Princess Diana. Really. During that time thousands went to London NOT out of respect for Diana, but because they said they “want to be part of history”. People attending the George Floyd memorial said the same thing! This is people with no aims in life joining the frenzy just to say sometime in the future “I was there”. But, by that time who will care? Floyd who? What a dim and useless way to live).