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I have a problem with this statement by NARTH in a recent press release:

“Individuals should be protected in their right to self identify as homosexual without fear of persecution. At the same time, individuals who experience unwanted homosexual attractions should also be protected in their right to voluntarily seek assistance to manage or overcome those attractions. The right to indicate our sexual or personal identity and to choose how to respond to our sexual attractions should be a universal human right.” (NARTH, 13 August 2013)

Individuals do NOT have a ‘right’ to ‘self-identify’ as homosexuals.

God does not give them such a right. Nor does morality.

They only have a superficial godless legal right... and that counts for nothing in biblical terms. It would have been better if NARTH said nothing at all, rather than issue what many homosexuals will think of as a confirmation of their ‘right’ to act in a vile, vicious, unhealthy and immoral way, against God and His created order.

We should not attack or persecute homosexuals, but we MUST condemn what they do and any violence towards any person for no good reason.

But, we should also recognise that their lifestyles attract violence reactions, so they should not bleat if it happens... what they do is offensive to ordinary men who see it as an affront to their manhood. Just as people get beaten up in clubs at night... go to places of ill repute and you reap consequences from unbelievers.

In reality homosexuality is a foul activity that should be kept in the dark, away from decent people and children, and never allowed to have public space, publicity, or ‘rights’ to exist. Personally, I am myself offended by the NARTH statement.  

Sorry NARTH, but you are not expressing the right values here.