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Stephen Fry had a huge number of good wishes when he 'married' his toyboy Elliot Spencer. (Daily Mail, 8 February 2015)

He said that this was the 'majority' view in the UK and he looked forward to a time when it was the total view.

For an intelligent man he comes out with a great deal of rubbish!

He is said to have about eight million fans on his Twitter account worldwide. It is logical to say that all of those letters of support came from his adoring fans worldwide and not from thinking adults in the UK.

He is also deluded by his own wicked sexuality into thinking the whole of the UK will one day accept the gay form of twisted thinking and sexual choices. No way! The majority he speaks of does not exist... rather, most are silenced by the law and by gay thuggery. They fear the intimidation and attacks from both government and gays.

At this time gays rule the roost and think it will always be so.

The only reason few people speak against Fry and his gay cohorts is that government gives gays freedom to say what they like and to control media and public opinion. Another reason is that few people know what gays represent, their aims, and their foul habits. If they knew, then gay supremacy would melt away into the darkness where it belongs.

Fry is just an 'imaginist'. His conclusions are, like his opinions, the result of two brain-killers: atheism and homosexuality. But, the TRUE majority of people either hate his lifestyle and ideas, or they are compelled to silence by gay and atheistic intimidation.

Both groups of fools (as God puts it) are deluded by their present power! It will not last.

Hitler built up his power base through the violent intimidation of the Brownshirts, most of whom were psychopathic homosexuals led by homosexuals. Once they had served their purpose,

their leaders were eliminated in the 'night of the long knives' and Hitler said he loathed homosexuals. Their only purpose after that was as sadistic guards in the concentration camps, where they gaily (excuse the pun) slaughtered fellow gays just for fun. Government has used your kind for its own purposes, but it can turn against you if the voters do so themselves! Truth WILL out (another pun).

Be warned, Fry and fellow homosexuals. The day is coming, when God will give you your just reward for your wickedness.

You can even laugh if you wish, while mere lads pretend their 'love' for older very rich men, and other deluded souls lend you support.

It will not alter your coming end in hell. Your only hope it to turn away from the very life that brings you depression and other mental aberrations, and to repent before the Lord you say does not exist.

Until then, you are living under a strong delusion.