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Some readers may remember the story of Lisa Miller, an American who, having left a Lesbian union and reverting back to normality (or, 'heterosexuality' as some call it), had to fight a bitter legal battle with her former partner to have full and exclusive custody over her own biological daughter, Isabella.

Unfortunately, in November 2009, Rutland Family Court Judge William Cohen (possibly one of the most evil Judges in the world - who will himself be judged for his actions by the Judge of Heaven and earth) ruled that Ms Miller would have to surrender custody to Janet Jenkins, Miller's ex-partner who is not even biologically related to Isabella. Of course, Miller was forced to flee the United States for the safety of her daughter, and a pastor was even embroiled in the case and charged for aiding her escape to Central America. (Daily Mail, 23rd April 2011)

Thankfully, the pastor in question has since had the charges against him dropped (31st Oct 2011, 

The following is from an email alert by, about a book written by the Ms Miller's attorney during the case:

Have you ever wondered...

What can I do to help those involved in homosexuality?

How extensive is the culture war over marriage and family?

What are they exposing our children to in schools?

Or, perhaps... Why should I even care?

This book answers those questions and more!

Only One Mommy exposes the truth about the homosexual rights movement and its destructive consequences.

Written from the vantage point of Lisa Miller's 7-year custody battle for her biological child against her former same-sex partner, Only One Mommy offers a first-hand account of how people are lured into believing that they are born "gay" and cannot change. As a result of that belief, they make life choices that have devastating consequences for our children, families, and freedoms.

This book offers truth to those struggling with homosexuality, encourages churches to minister to those caught in the lifestyle, and stirs freedom-loving Americans to get involved in the culture war that is raging all around them.

Read the full synopsis at: