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A long time ago (the 1970s) I warned about Christians letting sin into their lives, and described the process.

I repeat them here because they have proved to be correct, and we are close to being crushed. Bear in mind that these steps have only taken forty years to evolve. The pack of cards is ready to collapse.

First – Satan uses association with unbelievers. This helps to desensitise them to sin. This began after WW2 but gained momentum in the 1960s, a period of muddled thinking and youth rebellion.

Second – Satan starts to use the back door, usually while distracting the person at the front door.

When he enters he begins to slowly and painlessly introduce the Christian to wrong ideas and sins. Satan was content to let this happen, and for Christians to tackle 'big' issues... because they were ignoring all the smaller issues he wanted to bring in behind their backs. (This is Obama's method today).

This allows the Christian to think "Is this really sin?" Many Christians today do this, even though the sin they are thinking of is clearly denounced in scripture.

Third – rebellion starts to show its head in the churches, and bad pastors do nothing or little, for fear of losing 'their' congregation... though it is NOT theirs at all, but the Lord's... and when he allows these sins to continue he has already lost the congregation. God even says He will remove congregations from bad pastors. Don't rest easy about this – I saw the process begin way back in the 1970s. It is now endemic.

Fourth – Satan brings in bad civil leaders. And by this time Christians do almost nothing. They even allow their leaders to rid the country of everything godly and let them live publicly sinful lives, thus giving the green light' to all citizens to do the same. At this stage Satan knows he will have an unchallenged run!

He will raise up godless ideas and start to persecute Christians in the West. We are way past this stage.

Fifthly – Satan boldly uses the front door. Indeed, he batters it down and forces his way into the house.

This stage allows in atheists, cultists, violence, murder... anything goes. We have passed this stage and non-western peoples are suffering as a result. It is when black is said to be white, and white black.

Sixthly – Satan struts around doing whatever he wishes, knowing he has already subdued Christians and raised up wicked leaders and movements. This stage includes the actual persecution of Christians, including violence and judicial attacks. Christians mainly do nothing and accept it as 'normal'. It is a time when God gives us up for a season, because of our laxity and deliberate ignorance.

This is where we are today! But more is to come.

Seventhly – Satan runs amok, free to do so by God, as prophesied, and because God's people did nothing in the beginning and do nothing today. They hide away or quote atheistic theories. And they embrace those wicked people who openly say they wish to harm them! Even so, only genuine believers will remain standing, though the object of hate and evil. The rest, like Nazi collaborators, will hide and denounce the brethren.

Eighth Step is yet to come... This step is not far away. This is when Satan joins all the wicked people together in a One World Government. The many strands of this are already in place. Therefore expect the One World wickedness to be empowered suddenly with open brazenness. That is when all hell will break loose (the term used correctly).

After a short spell of this God will silence Satan and all his many minions. After that – the end of time.

How do YOU fit into this? Are you faithful? Or are you, like most, just slaves to Satan and uttering his lies?