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FAO Equalities Minister Caroline Dinenage MP, Minister for Women and Equalities and Family Justice,  (In reference to letter received by BTM  21 May 2015 from Government Equalities Office)

Dear Andrew (Andrew Odeleye of the Department for Culture, Media and Sport. Correpondence Team) 

Though the Minister is voted for and paid for by the people, I doubt if she will even read my retort, and you will dutifully protect her from its content, but at least I have contacted her.

1. I see that she did not vote for gay marriage because her constituents did not want her to. Good for them.

But, what this shows is that she thinks she can do as she wishes and will do so, possibly secretly, in future.

Like all MPs today, she thinks she is her own manager and can work without our consent, and without any kind of check or limitations. As such, she thinks she is her own authority, instead of what she should be – a representative of the voters. This means her own 'conscience' does not come into it... if she feels that strongly, she should stand down and get votes from someone else!

Apart from that, I have some questions to ask (again, because of the above mentality, I doubt she will answer).

2. As one well-versed in all things homosexual (since the 1970s and the first to research the early stages of AIDS in the 1980s):

(a) AIDS has destroyed millions of lives. It is a disease originally contracted and spread ONLY by gay men. It then spread through heterosexuals via so-called bi-sexuals, prostitutes, wives, drug takers, etc. But it took gay initiation.

Homosexuals are still the main disease-spreaders of not just HIV, but of a number of other sexually transmitted diseases, some of which are 'exotic' and hardly ever found amongst heterosexuals. To put it bluntly, homosexuality is thoroughly permeated by diseases, mostly fatal. As one homosexual leader admitted – why have authorities not dealt with this fact as they would any other life-threatening pandemic? If you do not know these facts, try reading data from genuine centres for health research, and NOT Stonewall!

(b) Most homosexuals want sex with children. That is why I see one of the next legal steps to be taken by government will be legalisation of paedophilia (bestiality has already been approved in the USA). More-than-two in fake marriages are also on the cards. All of this is why homosexuals want to 'educate' young children into homosexual ways. One reason is that they want to establish an homosexualised mind in the coming generations, another is that homosexualised minds will lead children to adult homosexuals, who say they want 'fresh meat not yet infected by HIV'. This is just plain grooming, and it is being done 'legally', through schools. Thus, incidents of HIV in the very young are beginning to rise. Soon, our nation will be literally a cess-pit of disease. Worse, though the diseases in homosexuals are freely contracted by their bad choices, it is the general tax-payer who has to pay for their treatments, and this reduces the 'pot' available to those who are not responsible for their conditions. And why should homosexuals have children by insemination, when they are more than capable of producing children by natural means? It is an obscene misuse of funds.

(c) Homosexuality is a personal choice. It is not genetic or otherwise foisted on people. Time and again pro-gay 'research' has been debunked and dismissed as mere propaganda. So, why 'protect' and then promote this awful lifestyle? Why create draconian laws in favour of what is simply a sexual choice? It is illogical.

(d) I have never witnessed such a concerted effort to completely cover all angles in legal terms! Why is a personal sexual choice a matter for law? Why make it so watertight as to eliminate all counter-claims? Blair and his race equality director, Trevor Phillips, attempted to alter people's thinking on race. They did it by law, forcing people to think as they did. The result was not just pathetic, but unsustainable. Phillips admitted that one cannot alter minds by imposing law on them. Yet, the Tories are using the same socialist drivel and theory to impose sexual immorality on the people of Britain, without mandate. (Do not point to the recent votes in Ireland... where large numbers of homosexuals flew in from around the world to make sure the vote was 'yes', and no-one gave the actual facts about homosexuality to the people). It is a fact that when a government has to resort to swift, battering-ram techniques by law, it is because they have no real argument to make for their case! So, why are you going down the early Russian-communist road to get your own way, instead of allowing it to be debated in the market-place of ideas?? There is only one reason – you know that the truth would bring down the gay paper tiger. As one cabinet minister said in the 1980s, if the public knew the truth about AIDS there would be a backlash against gays! (He said this before he was silenced. It is a fact enshrined in the gay handbook of hate now used as a template, 'After the Ball').

Homosexuals through stonewall, have 'spread out' their reach by adding all manner of new labels... LBGTABCXYZ...but they are all just branches of homosexuality. They multiply to confuse the public.

(e) Homosexuality is unnatural as well as unhealthy. Men and women are natural sexual partners. Men with men and women with women are not. This is so obvious as to be painful! The biology, anatomy and physiology of men and women are different, to accommodate this natural sexual functioning. So, to promote homosexuality as 'normal' is not just stupid, it is intellectually degenerative and proof of dumbing-down. No amount of law will allow their immorality to be 'natural'. And no amount of law will change people's minds. Which, of course, is why you now intend to PUNISH people who think otherwise! This is much easier than explaining the government's inability to give reasoned answers, and much safer than allowing an open debate! That is, homosexuality cannot be justified.

(f) It is also a fact that today's homosexual movement is using fascist means to silence the people. Another fact is that if the public really knew the aims and actions of homosexuality, they would not allow it to be promoted as it now is.

Why do you silence dissenters? Why do you want to punish those who dissent? Why do you not allow free speech and free ideas to be aired? It is because government is ruled by Stonewall in every function! Stonewall is the true power behind the throne. But, its power and authority are illusory, and freedom of ideas (and facts) is not allowed.

So, WHY do you not allow free expression against homosexuality (which operates in every age, regardless of law).

3. There are only three ways in which this kind of fascism can operate:

(a) The person is totally ignorant of the facts about homosexuality and its overall political aims

(b) The person has too many homosexual friends, so is prejudiced against truth

(c) The person is him/her self homosexual, or has been, and so Stonewall and not reason is the key.

(d) To which category do you belong?

4. You cannot give a reasoned argument. I began my intensive professional studies in the early 1970s. I saw the status of homosexuality change after the USA gays literally threatened the authorities if they did not support their cause. I was physically attacked for telling the truth and confronting psychiatric consultants (who could not give reasoned answers). After I published my 1984 paper I was sacked from my college position and received death threats from gays. The paper simply 'disappeared'!

I was hounded out of my career by homosexual activists. Again in 2005 I was attacked for simply stating to a professor of healththat homosexuality was unnatural, unhealthy, and immoral, and I was sacked yet again under the rules of SORs, though it was not yet law! Even though the homosexuals who did this to me got their way, they further hounded me by law, police and many other means in an effort to utterly destroy me. I was left with thousands of pounds debt for my sudden sacking, and further hounded after that. I was forced to leave two other jobs because activists realised who I was.

Homosexuals lie about their 'persecution'! They are not persecuted at all, and invent lies to suggest they are! Even the Police Gay Association was found out to be lying about so-called persecution cases, by the ASA. And so the list goes on. And I expect the same, but greater, persecution of dissidents to occur after you finally nail down the coffin against free speech.

5. So, Minister, you have no argument to put forward in defence of homosexualised laws, or for your proposed new laws, or for the punishment currently meted out against Christians with a conscience, or for your grooming of schoolchildren.

I dare you to open this up to genuine debate and genuine truth-telling! But it will not happen, because the Tories obey Stonewall, who rules the media, and who are themselves supported by the EU, and because all are operating under a fascist flag with a neo-socialist mindset. This disturbs me as I voted Tory all my life until now: Tories are now the advance neo-socialist guard.

I know too much about homosexuality to allow it even the smallest space in my mind. You will no doubt try to batter it out, but that will not work, because I know the truth.

I again urge you NOT to further the homosexual march against reason, and to stop new laws before they stifle real debate and true thinking. Law will only defer what will be inevitable. Stonewall are deceivers, not authorities.

Dr Barry Napier

Founder of Bible Theology Ministries