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I pick up a lot when listening to, or watching, TV when making a meal!!

Today – homosexual lies.

A person who ‘came out’ was called ‘brave’ and was said to have ‘no choice’.

This and other excuses is a deception!!

There is nothing ‘brave’ about coming out. Rather it is a sign that the one who ‘comes out’ has been fantasising about homosexual sex for a long time, and when he or she ‘comes out’ it is because they cannot hold back on their sexual perversion anymore. It proves how far gone they are in their delusion.

Homosexuals CHOOSE to be homosexual. Really, the word ‘homosexual’ is itself not correct... ALL so-called ‘homosexuals’ are simply heterosexuals who have become lost in their fantasies and now want to take them further, so they can at last indulge in the dark world of perversion even more. THEY CHOOSE THIS.

Also in the programme – “it’s nothing to be ashamed of”. OH YES IT IS!!

It is a foul perversion of what God created, and He says in scripture that such who follow the lifestyle are condemned to hell unless they repent and turn away from the perversion. Few do because their brains have been ‘hardwired’ by their active yearning for abnormal sex, which takes up almost all their time and thoughts. And homosexuals are fully responsible for the bringing of HIV/AIDS to the world, which kills millions. It is also shameful because most homosexuals lust after sex with
children. And they deny Christians the right to be critical.

Homosexuals say they are “afraid of being picked on”. Frankly, they deserve it, because they are foul in their lives. I wouldn’t pick on them, but many do. They also whimper that they hate being whispered about and judged... but this is the activity found in normal people when they come across those who act badly.

And what about “I can’t change who I am”? This implies an inability to choose... but ALL homosexuals CHOOSE to be so. Therefore they can change their sex lives. The trouble is, many do not want to change, though their lives are self-destructive and foul.

Linked to this is the idiotic idea that “You must be true to yourself”. In reality it means acting out the darkest fantasies even though they can kill and harm others. When a man or woman gives in to perverse sexual fantasies, they begin on the road of destruction and deception, where ‘anything goes’. This is not being ‘true’ – it is about allowing lies to rule your life.

What about “they need to express themselves”? Fine – but not in front of me, or with anyone I know! Homosexuality is an expression of extreme sin and wickedness.

Get it straight about this vile moral disease!