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Tesco takes us for fools!

Remember its antics last time, when one of its senior staff ridiculed God and put a foul homosexual message on the internet?

Now, its advertisement on TV shows same-sex couples and says ‘Everyone welcome’ to Tesco. 

By having homosexuals in the ad the meaning is very clear – it is up to its old tricks AGAIN!!

Supermarkets are assured of custom no matter who buys its products.

Homosexuals will buy at supermarkets, with or without deliberately immoral ads.

So WHY have same sex couples in the ads in the first place???

TESCO is once again forcing the homosexual agenda, as it did before.

There is NO NEED to include same sex couples, because they will buy anyway and homosexuals already know Tesco is homosexualised.

So why include homosexual references?

By having them Tesco is playing a wicked game – the ad is nothing to do with marketing... it is all about propaganda.

Homosexuality may be ‘legal’ (in human eyes) but it is NOT acceptable to most of the public, nor is it moral or good. WHY, THEN ANTAGONISE THE MAJORITY OF ITS CUSTOMERS?

It is just a nasty, dirty form of political propaganda on behalf of perverse groups of people who (after proper adjustment) are less than 1% of all people in the country!! Once again Tesco is offending the majority, and especially Christians, in an effort to spread the message that homosexual is fine and acceptable. NO IT ISN’T.

Tesco is not alone in this – MoneySupermarket and others are also doing the same.

What they need is a sharp lesson in real marketing – just don’t buy from them.

Tesco learned this lesson last time – why not show them the same lesson this time??

I don’t want to see same sex couples on ANY TV output. Homosexuality has nothing good about it. It is foul. TV only shows smiling couples. If people were shown what these people are REALLY like, they’d vomit.

Homosexual couples might be welcome in Tesco... but they are not welcome in my home, not even in a TV ad.