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A number of Christians and non Christians have written to Tesco to complain about their funding of a Gay pride event. In particular, a 'family' tent where kids can have 'fun'. This is double-talk for 'being indoctrinated into thinking homosexuality is cool'. From that tent some will become a sex object for a predatory homosexual. This applies to both males (gays) and females (lesbians). In 1998, the Home Office published a report, which quoted affirmingly a study proving that a disproportionate amount of child sex cases are homosexual in nature, saying:  "Bradford et al. (1988) suggested reasonably that approximately 20 to 33% of child sexual abuse is homosexual in nature and about 10% mixed."  (Source - see p14)

The answers from Tesco Customer Services are predictably non-committal, and full of illogic. We can expect this because lower-down staff would otherwise lose their jobs. So, they simply repeat what their bosses say. No doubt some would prefer to speak their mind – but homosexuals do not allow that to happen. I have already asked Customer Services if Andrew Higginson, a former Tesco board director, is himself homosexual – which would explain a lot. But, again, there has been no answer.

The official answer is that Tesco is an 'inclusive business'. That's fine – then keep to it! Like some other businesses, Tesco thinks it can attract more of the 'pink pound'; the only way it can do that is by providing filth and porn. This is illogical, because homosexuals already buy their goods and services from Tesco, as well as from other supermarkets. What if these big businesses did not cater to homosexuals? That is simple – even homosexuals must eat, and they will buy from the supermarkets anyway! So, the 'inclusive' tag is just nonsense and is just an excuse to homosexualise customers. We are not asking Tesco to stop selling goods to homosexuals anyway.

Tesco then goes on to say that it supports many good causes. We have no problem with that. But, we take grave offence when Tesco equates these good causes with funding homosexuality. If Tesco, or anyone else, did a proper thinking job on homosexuality, they would come up with zero to commend it – there is nothing in homosexuality to be proud about, unless you create a whole new world populated by PR propaganda and devoid of reality.

Tesco is negligent in not learning what homosexuality is really all about, especially in its aim to silence all free speech and to indoctrinate kids into homosexuality. There is no way that Tesco can justify its funding of a paedophilic/grooming and hateful Pride event. The hate in homosexuality is all one-way... and it all comes from homosexuals towards the 99% of normal people. But, of course, there are some normal people who are swayed completely by gay propaganda. They, too, need a good dose of reality! Even so, Tesco says it is "proud" to support World Pride 2012. Proud of what? Lewdness, indecency, grooming, fascism, lies, hatred and deceit? As I have already said – look hard at homosexuality and you will find nothing of worth in the homosexual lifestyle. Indeed, I challenge Tesco to tell us what they are so proud of!

Do they think they are somehow giving homosexuals more freedom? Then that is another propaganda lie... homosexuals have done what they wish to do for thousands of years! They have rightly hidden away in shame at times, but, mostly, they have recklessly done whatever they please... and this is why millions die of AIDS!

Tesco says it wants to be 'treated as they like to be treated'. What? As homosexualized bigots who think it good to get AIDS and ignore decency? Or, to groom children? Or, to act like Nazi fascists by hating anyone who stands in their way?

Tesco says it wants to 'reflect the lives our customer's lead'. Again – reflect a perverse lifestyle? Bear in mind that the so-called homosexual 'lifestyle' is only a deliberately-constructed cocoon that avoids discovery by right-thinking people. It has no bearing whatever on truth and decency. Basically, all homosexuality is about is unnatural sex; the rest is just added on!

But, let us take Tesco at its word... if it wants to reflect the 1% or less who are homosexual – why not reflect the many more percent who are Christian?? Or, who are not Christian but who want to live decent lives? Will Tesco do that? I doubt it very much! Will it fund a Bible exhibition, or Bible events? What about funding up and coming preachers? Or, even an event that blows the cover on homosexuality and its aims? You get my drift! Tesco simply would not do it, because of its insane support for a perverse and harmful, unnatural, lifestyle. It cannot, after all, support both that, and the very beliefs and lifestyles of decent folks and Christians, because the latter completely opposes the former!

The comments by Tesco end with "I respect your point of view". Yes? Then why cause such distress and dishonour to the large percentage who do not accept homosexuality and see it as repugnant? It is a straightforward lie by Tesco to say they respect us – it is just a big bursh-off! Also, they have the wrong end of the stick – our complaint is not about a 'point of view', but about hard facts concerning one of the most destructive lifestyles there is, and the most hateful toward decency!

Note too, how Christians and others are degraded to having 'beliefs', whilst homosexuals are said to have 'interests'. This is a not-very-subtle way of saying homosexuals trump Christians and all who wish to be decent. (If they don't mean that, then they ought to employ someone who can write real English). Tesco says "sometimes... we find ourselves in a position" where one will clash with the other. Of course they will when they set out to deliberately do so!

Tesco is being driven down a common homosexual path – that of being a steamroller for gay propaganda! Its aim is to show strength and power. It cares nothing for decency and the views of others, even when those views are jam-packed with solid facts! Homosexuals make everything up, so as to gain public acceptance... but it is all lies and deception. And those who should have a duty of care in Tesco have cast it aside so as to cause offence to the many people who see homosexuality as disgusting and harmful – because that is what it is. The facts tell us so!

Then comes a real cracker of duplicity and stupidity: Tesco says that by giving funding to homosexuals and offending many more who are not, that "Our hope is that this leads to a sense of inclusion for everyone who shops and works with us." That is like the Inquisitor saying to those dying on a rack that he hopes they will enjoy their experience. Or, giving a man poison and saying it is hoped he will feel included because others have also been poisoned. Why not force decent folks to live amongst drug addicts and thieves, and say they hope the inclusivity will mean better shopping? How can offending many thousands cause decent folks to enjoy being teamed up with unnatural and harmful people who form less than 1% of the population at any one time? Why not fund murderers and then tell the rest of us it is okay because it is leading to "a sense of inclusion"?

For myself I want no part in being inclusive with homosexuals! If they wish to shop in Tesco, then let them – but Tesco should not be giving them more clout and sponsorship in order to parade their disgusting lewdness, thus offending the majority of Tesco shoppers.

Here is my challenge to Tesco: I want to set up tables in every Tesco in the UK. On that table I will provide leaflets outlining the truth about homosexuality. No helpers to argue – just leaflets. Will they fund me for doing that? Try £800,000. That should do it! The leaflets will not contain abuse, just simple facts. No different from medical facts or social facts. Go on Tesco – will you fund this?? A refusal only proves your attempt to push a gay agenda, one that is destroying families, law, and social cohesion. And a refusal proves the inadequacy and duplicitous anti-intellect of Tesco's higher management.

© 7 November 2011

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Bible Theology Ministries - PO Box 415, Swansea, SA5 8YH
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