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It is reported by the BBC (8 August 2014, that due to a campaign by members of the British Humanist Association (BHA), Mrs Nicky Morgan, Education Secretary, said "there is no place for extremism 'anywhere in the education system'.

Funding would be withheld from establishments that teach creationism as scientific fact, Mrs Morgan said.

A Department for Education spokeswoman said the change brings nurseries into line with schools where funding can be withdrawn if there are concerns about 'extremism', pending investigation by Ofsted".

I object to the BHA being allowed to hijack the consultation and foist their God hating agenda with the full support of the Department of Education by associating the teaching of Creationism as an extremist view and lacking scientific facts.

Where is the scientific evidence for evolution?

Can evolution be observed today, one species changing into another? No.

Can evolution be tested and repeated in anyway today? No.

Is there any proof in the fossil records and the laws of nature to support one species changing into another? No.

So why is evolution being purported as a scientific theory, when it can't pass even the simplest scientific tests? The reason; because the BHA hate God and the Department of Education, along with the rest of the UK government, hate God and His laws as found in the Bible, which have been the historic foundation of British justice and values. What harm have true Christian Biblical values and the God's call for justice done to this nation?

Creationism is a simple complete and rational explanation to the existence of the Universe. God created the Universe in 6 days out of nothing as described in the Genesis account found in the Bible. The evidence is all around us and can't be refuted. God's laws govern our very existence.

How can nursery staff teach right from wrong, when the government removes the absolute morality of right and wrong as defined by God in the Bible.

The Bible says "Thou shalt not kill (murder)".

The Koran says "behead the infidel" and "crucify the followers of the book (the Bible)".

Which is right? The government's answer is no doubt teach children the Koran, Jihad is good. Why not? The Department of Education are saying that God is a liar and did not create the Universe, therefore His laws are irrelevant.

What are British values in the 21st Century as legislated by the UK Government?

Choose any gender you want to be or make up a new one.

Marriage is equated to sodomy and as for parents, well, they can be two mums and two dads, but if one feels like changing their gender anytime soon that's good. You, my child, have no choice in the matter.

Abortion no problem, your human rights state when the state says so many weeks have passed, before that its cool to kill a baby. Oh yes, in Wales, when you die the state owns your body and can harvest all your organs without your explicit consent or that of your relatives. The state knows what is best, my child, aren't you lucky to be alive!

The UK Government is morally bankrupt and is on a spiral to a hellish society of Godless values based on self-gratification at any cost.

What is need is for the UK Government to get true Christians, not the morally bankrupt Church of England, to redefine a set of British values that will be for the benefit of the whole nation because they are based on what God says and not on the most powerful Godless lobby group or perverted MP/Civil Servant.

PS The Department of Education had better cancel Christmas in nurseries as, after all, Christmas carols and the nativity play are all about the birth of Jesus Christ, and He made everything.

All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made. (John 1:3)

[Submitted to the Department of Education Consultation School and Early Years Finance (England)] Regulations 2014. Closes 17:00 hours Friday 17 October 2014.]

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