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A fire truck arrives on the scene of a big fire that, if not controlled, threatens to consume the city. Much as London was destroyed in the great fire of 1666.

But, on arrival, a deranged small group of opposers stopped the truck, saying that the fire was okay and acceptable. So the truck turned around and left, the fire-fighters are suddenly also deranged.

The fire soon spread wider and consumed the city, as the dwellers and the small group applauded.

Even as many thousands died in the flames, the small group awarded fake medals of honour to the city fathers, for agreeing to allow the fire to get out of control. Unfortunately, a few citizens objected to all this. To keep things simple, they were thrown into the flames and died.

The small group, joined by proud city fathers, later erected a statue to liberty.

The worldwide movement to support and promote what kills and produces absolute sleaze is unfathomable in any human form of logic and truth. It defies anything remotely akin to decency and intellectual progress, which is being replaced by animal dung and disease. Yet, knowing the facts, the medical profession embraces and pushes the homosexual agenda. (Dr. Paul Church now expelled from four Boston area hospitals – over comments to colleagues at one hospital about its promotion of unhealthy, high-risk LGBT lifestyle.)

It is an impossibility running feral. The fire is spreading even more; in an effort to fan the flames the small group is willing to completely destroy anyone of truth and themselves. And those who support them are blind to their own end.

In the UK the main nursing union has a strong permanent homosexual office to support and promote this foul disease-ridden criminal movement. Any nurse who objects is quickly attacked by the same union members, and every effort is taken to remove the objector and to rob him or her of professional standing, thus taking away any opportunity to work again. The same factions are found in every professional grouping we can think of.

Only one reason can be deduced from this – spiritual darkness. Those who support and promote what is evil, what kills millions, what endangers youth, what heads towards anarchy, is not just suspect – it is a wickedness beyond anything seen thus far in history.

It is a fire that burns fiercely, like the uncontrolled lusts of those who fan the flames. Behind this activity is the wrath of God, Who looks at the state of His churches and finds them corrupt and lazy. The fire will continue to burn until His Church at last wakes up and fights the flames with courage and eternal truth found in the Bible.

Will you die in the fire, or fight the flames? The need is now. Look into your soul for the answer.