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Strange Justice

A US report to our nation's shame, outlines the strange justice of the Swiss B&B owners Suzanne and Mike Wilkinson who  were fined in total £3,600 for stopping a gay couple from committing buggery in their home by refusing to give them a double bed room and thus allegedly hurting their feelings. (WND, 19 October 2012)

"We find this a strange justice in a society that aspires to be increasingly tolerant," said Susanne Wilkinson.

Since when have Christians ever been paid for hurt feelings? The Wilkinsons have suffered constant harassment, death threats and persecution for two years since gays invaded their lives and they end up having to pay the gays for hurt feelings! This is a national disgrace, against natural justice and freedom of religion.

Why can't David Cameron et al see what they are unleashing on our nation if they vote for same-sex marriage?

LGBTs are never satisfied until they have destroyed and trampled on all that is pure and godly. This is a cultural war. Isn't it time for church leaders and men of integrity to forget their denomination, forget their programmes and rise up to speak out against organised homosexual hatred, intimidation, threats, harassment and propaganda before it engulfs them too?

  • Where is the national support for the Wilkinsons?

GLBTQ values and lifestyle will be taught to School Children

Does this end here? No! There is more.

Let it be known that our children are in the LGBT sights in school sex lessons. See Gay Muslim responsible for the professional development of over 40,000 teachers in Britian to meet the needs of LGBT people to celebrate their diversity and promote an inclusive LGBT curriculum, etc. with the likes of Stonewall, Schools Out, Terrence Higgins Trust.

No child will be safe unless action is taken - watch Pav Akhtar from the Teachers Development Agency For Schools proudly declare his mission to ensure all teachers promote and enforce through law GLBT values on school children. Notice that legislation is the friend of GLBTs to enforce their lifestyle on everyone and at schools through Sex and Relationship Education and the promotion of the myth that children can be born gay.

  • Where is the opposition to this educational child abuse?
  • Where is the support for parents and children exposed to this wickedness?
  • Would this judge pay parents for their child's hurt feelings from the school's unhealthy gay sex lessons?