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In a video published a few years ago, Peter Tatchell (a well known gay activitist) is recorded as saying that homosexuality is not down to biological factors (YouTube, 7 August 2008), something he has also written about in an article published on the Guardian, entitled 'Born Gay or Made Gay?' (June 2006).

Peter Tatchell actually glories in the fact that being gay isn’t natural, and so what he is fighting for is the ‘right’ to be unnatural!!

Yes, a variety of elements can influence a person to be homosexual – but it still comes down to plain old choice… a stupid choice, because of the risks involved and the immorality. There is no gay gene and GLBTQ's are not "born that way". This message is purely propaganda for political purposes to allow activists to succeed in gaining full recognition, acceptance and rights for homosexual and other deviant behaviour.


© 14 February 2012


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