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Firstly, we all know what Fry says, thinks, and the colour of his socks. This is because he is a 'celebrity' and a reasonable actor, and the media love to quote celebrities, especially when they become silly and off the wall.

Secondly, those who have launched into me from afar do not know me. I don't publicise my miseries and woes, or my failures for all to see. Therefore, many of the attacks have been from a basis of ignorance. You have no idea who I am or any qualifications I have to speak as I do.

Thirdly, we refuse to give a platform to either atheists or homosexuals. This is because we are a Christian website. It seems both sets are unaware of this. Your demands for me to reply to every attack leave me cold. And, mostly, I will not reply or allow you to dictate what we have on our site.

Fourthly, I am well qualified to speak against both categories of unbelief (atheism and homosexuality). My knowledge of homosexuality is extensive and garnered from close quarters. No, I am not a closet homosexual (I have successfully argued my case against this idiocy with many consultant psychiatrists!) and have never wanted to indulge in homosexuality, not even in my mind. These claims are nonsense, rooted in the debauched thinking of illogical pseudo-thinkers, and not in reality. Indeed, most people find homosexuality repugnant. So please, stop resorting to these old and debunked ideas.

Fifthly, if you had read the link at the bottom of the 'Open letter' you would see that there is a huge number of retorts to both your inane comments. I refuse to be caught up in replying to every charge, (a) because each charge is old-hat and already debunked (b) because you repeat the 'same old same old', which is borrowed material from debunked information (c) because there is a wealth of oppositional information out there (d) and because I totally believe scripture. Not because others tell me what to think but because of experiential life as a Christian, and intense biblical study that shows me the beautiful truth of what God says. That you don't believe in Him is your problem, and a sure sign of inability to juggle actual facts and truths.

Sixthly, my 'Letter' was in response to Fry's continuing pomposity, arrogance and ignorance. He is able to speak out as he does because his kind are protected by law and the media will not publish anything by Christians, not even Christian philosophers or scientists. It was about time his blasphemy was addressed. In effect, then, I wrote just one response, and am attacked for it, but Fry can make any number of comments and everyone must just eat it! Hm.

I called Fry 'stupid' because that is what the God YOU don't believe in calls him! Hence my note on what 'fool' means. He threw out his random hateful remarks because he knows full well that Christians never have a chance to reply or to challenge him. Even in audience-based programmes Christians are ALWAYS heckled and drowned out by homosexuals or atheists. This makes them both childish, proving their inability to argue their case reasonably. Another point is that Fry et al are very good at issuing massive statements that require extensive replies, but there is never time AT the time to discuss what has been said! Clever ploy!

Anyone who has carefully watched what I have written over the years will know that my main opposition to homosexuality stopped about 2005. After that I have mainly reported rather than argued on this vile lifestyle sin, which is founded on lust and power, not love. Atheists have very little to say of substance. Instead they repeat the same old chestnuts. My 'Letter' was a 'one-off' against Fry because of his blasphemy, and the arrogant way he spoke. I am just as entitled to oppose what he said, as he is entitled to say what he said. Whereas Christians are blocked at every turn, atheists demand total submission to their silly thinking (as do homosexuals), whether in schools, universities, in specialist publications, or otherwise. To use a partial quote from Stonewall - Deal with it!

So, atheists and homosexuals, your arguments are spurious, and we will not publish your inane remarks. As I said, we are a Christian website, and we do not wish to taint content with your blasphemous ideas and comments. Go to some other liberal publication to air your outdated, blasphemous views. As for calling me names in The Guardian, well, if it makes you think you have power by it, please go ahead, vent your spleen! I find it irrelevant.

In religious terms, the Anglican publications should be a good market for you, because they have long left the Christian fold. Atheists are now becoming more obnoxious and far more demanding, and part of this is the silencing of Christians. So, please, stop whinging... you already have the stage!

As for the phrase some of you keep sending me ("I know you are, but what am I?"), it dates back to about early 1970s (roughly after homosexuals were heinously given legal standing: not surprising) and is more of schoolyard taunt than a serious philosophical statement; it is just as stupid as your other remarks. But, this suits atheists and homosexuals, who are, as I keep saying (based on their output) childish. The phrase suggests that any comment made is true, as is the speaker. Fry's words are not true in the proven sense and were the result of his own anger and miserable life (his expressed sentiments, not mine). Thus, this rather oversimplified phrase you apply to me for drawing attention to his errors is misplaced. Fry made unsubstantiated accusations and I replied to those accusations, nothing more. Logically, then, he is spouting sentiment and personalised frippery, which cannot ever be proved. As I said earlier – deal with it!

Yes, I could say a great deal extra, but I have no more interest in the delusions of atheism or the perversions of homosexuality, both of which I am very aware of. You can continue to send insults if you wish, but they will not be published or replied to. I don't waste my time on waste.

Finally, some who claim to be 'Christian', insist that I should show 'love' in these situations. Not so! They are just as ignorant as those they wish to love! Nowhere in scripture are we called upon to love those who hate God. Indeed, God says the opposite. As I have said elsewhere, we can certainly apply help, care, and a degree of compassion to individuals (who MUST change and repent), but there is no way we may just 'love' all and sundry when their stated aim and lives are rooted in hatred against God. Check your Bible! And read our articles on the subject. That, atheists, homosexuals, and sentimental Christians, is it.