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Sorry, but I couldn’t help it! I had to use an humorous title for this short paper. Just a few years ago society would have laughed its head off at the utter nonsense called ‘Transgender’! And rightly so. Another word I would use is – pathetic. To think that people admit IN PUBLIC to being like this is truly pathetic. It is so pathetic it does not deserve to be on our regular publications’ list. Even so, my comments are to be taken seriously.

I take my cue from an article in the Daily Mirror, 4th June. Written about a boxing promoter named Frank Maloney who renamed himself ‘Kellie’, I am exasperated that a journalist should refer to him as a ‘she’, a woman! You can cut off bits and sew on new bits, but a man is still a man, and a woman is still a woman! Genuine scientists tell us that our DNA causes us to be born male or female (not counting those extremely rare cases where one’s sex is undetermined. But, these are physical mistakes, not examples of excellence!).

Frank is photographed smiling next to his ex-wife, as if all is well. What a farce! His life has been one of sheer misery and depression, and this continues even though he is pretending to be a woman. A plastic one maybe, but still thinks he’s a woman! This is supreme self-delusion, and it is gaining traction as a fashionable thing to do.

The steps he has taken are similar to ones taken by others who are so mentally unstable as to chop up their bodies to gain a false gender. How can it happen? Very easily. It is a case of those who should know better have colluded with him to perpetuate a myth – that one can change gender. No, it is not possible.

There can only be an illusion of change, and the problem with chasing a delusion is that once attained it becomes cold, and a new worse delusion takes its place; it is a form of OCD. This is why these people (all homosexualised) tend to commit suicide. Not because people laugh at them, but because what they thought was possible and good turns out to be worse and deadly wicked. And note this – at each step this man’s delusional bubble could have been burst by doctors and others, but nowadays they are just following the trend, because of money, and to retain a fashionable status amongst the unable-to-think-properly medics. “And bigger fools look on!”

I will look at just a few quotes from the article to illustrate what I mean:

Frank says he is still in love with his ex-wife. But, he realises that now he has had his multiple operations this is no longer a feasible option. His wife left him when, one night, he simply told her “I am a woman”! What garbage. He WANTED to be one, but no number of operations will bring it about. You can carve a lump of frozen fat into a beautiful swan – but it is still a lump of fat that will melt to nothing!

His ex-wife is beautiful, so this evil thing has nothing to do with true sexual attraction. Frank/’Kellie’ calls her about five or six times a day for emotional support! Is that the mark of someone who is confident and happy? No. Transgenders, like all homosexualised people, are the epitome of misery and despair.

The grass is always greener over the other side. Only when they reach the other side, the grass is exactly the same colour. So, they try yet another side. It is rather like the way sexually promiscuous people cannot settle to true love - because they have been spoilt by their constant affairs, and can no longer know real love from the fake stuff, they have to constantly get sexual pleasures anywhere and everywhere. All the while they are getting weaker and more desperate.

Both ex-wife and ‘Kellie’ cannot ‘move forward’ because ‘Kellie’ still has feelings for her! Yet, it was Frank/’Kellie’ who broke the marriage bond, literally driving his wife to divorce him. This is what usually happens in every case where an homosexual (or one of its branches, such as transgender) ‘comes out’... great damage is done to wives/husbands, offspring, families, friends, etc. EVERY TIME! It is so natural to ‘come out’, that many people are harmed! How natural can that be, eh?

They feel a need to ‘come out’, thinking this is how it ought to be. In reality it is just one person indulging in a fantasy at the expense of everyone else: what they do is repulsive. They think it is right – but all they are doing is proving just how sinful people can be when they let their emotions and desires carry on unbridled. Their path of action is exactly the same as the path taken by neurotics.

“She needed to live as a woman...” Come off it! She WANTED to do it – you cannot ‘need’ what is alien to life, unnatural! How can it come about? From experience, I can give a kind of time-line...

First, (taking a man as an example) a man has to allow an idea into his mind. It is the same for men who have a quick fantasy about sex with another woman. For a Christian, this is a known temptation, and the man who is close to God will dismiss the very idea and repent of thinking about it, no matter how briefly. But, the unsaved man does not have this ability.

He starts to think about it a bit more. Soon, he will have fantasies. In the case of transgender, it must be linked to fantasy thoughts about homosexuality, too. Even if this is denied, the thoughts of being ‘trapped’ in the ‘wrong body’ is absurd. It is so obviously a mental aberration that any professional medic should laugh at it and tell the person to grow up and live a life! But, not today.

Like everyone else, these ‘professionals’ follow the herd and advise that gender-bending is okay, natural, and to be sought after... even though there is no scientific evidence whatever to support their theories. And surgeons abuse their position by offering operations to satisfy transgenders. But, they do NOT satisfy. This is because what is being done is unnatural and a deeply mentally unbalanced thing to do. And many transgenders find this out too late.

The ex-wife said she did not divorce Frank because she no longer loved him, but because the “situation was intolerable”. You’re telling me it was intolerable! It was wicked. To break up your marriage over a private but evil thought is indeed wicked. It destroys life for those involved. The ex-wife says (to the journalist) that she still cares deeply for Frank... but she already has another boyfriend, and does not wish to return to Frank. Of course not! How can she, when her ex-husband thinks he is a woman, and is an emotional wreck determined to keep his ex-wife dangling on a string? As I said, this is pathetic.

There is a picture of both sitting down and Frank/’Kellie’ crying like a self-interested sinner. Homosexuals-proper are similarly emotionally labile and cry a lot. At the very least all homosexualised people are badly neurotic, and some can be called psychotic. Doing what is unnatural has many penalties.

The daughters of the couple do not want the ex-wife to return, either. They were shocked at the idea, saying it would make their mother a lesbian! Well, that is what onlookers would certainly think – even though ‘Kellie’ is only a superficial ‘woman’, not a real one. He is STILL Frank, a man. But, the shocked reaction of the daughters says it all. However, homosexuals and homosexualised people do not care about any of this. All they care about is chasing their inward fantasies to the extreme. It is nothing but a bad habit turned into an addiction, an extreme desire that must come to its conclusion, even though such a conclusion is harmful and can even lead to suicide. It is so illogical.

Frank, the pretend-woman, says it will be okay if his daughters still want to call him Dad! Is he kidding? How gross is that? He does not deserve to be called anything but a deceiver and cheat, a sinner with wicked desires. Frank, for all his married life, used to drink heavily (to try to hide his secret) and have depression (because he could not cope with having unfit thoughts), and used to go away for periods to a flat he had, where he wore women’s clothing. This, friends, is unnatural, wicked, and against God’s plan for mankind. No-one rebuked him and no professional medic gave him a genuine answer. So, he got worse and worse, lusting after something that is not possible.

There is still a lot more to comment on, but you get the gist. Frank is NOT a woman, but remains a man. A mess of a man, yes, but still a man. I predict that his life will become more miserable with time, and he will have many periods of depression, probably mixed with alcohol and maybe drugs. He has a high risk of committing suicide, too. Not because of sane people who laugh at his stupidity, but because of the strain of pretending to be something he is not. His new plastic bits are not real! His mental fantasies will always fight against the stark reality. But he knows that.

Reader – do not be fooled by modern medicine. I can assure you that medicine has no truth when it comes to these people. Genuine scientists KNOW we cannot change our gender, because our DNA determines who we are in the womb!

As Christians we cannot and must not accept these people in our midst, nor help them in their misery. The only time we can help is if they repent, and stop their sinful desires and behaviour. Repentance means they have been saved. If a transgender is saved, but has the body of the opposite sex, well, that is something they will have to endure. It is a penalty for stupidity. Many of us have to endure the ongoing penalties for our sins. As part of their repentance they would also need to undo at least some of their surgical errors, such as removing breast implants, but some things cannot be reversed – and this they must accept as a mark of their previous foolishness. They must also dress and speak properly.

Other than that, anyone who is openly transgender or homosexual may not be in our midst in the churches (unless they are drawn by God to hear truth and the Gospel). Christians must now think hard about these issues, as governments force us to accept what is ungodly and unnatural. Do not follow the crowd and bleat like sheep just to save your skin! The more we allow, the worse things will get, and the more heinous will be future sins, yet to be unleashed upon us. Our children and their children deserve better than that!

© 5 June 2015

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