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Some so-called ‘trans’ claim they have ‘always’ felt they were the opposite sex.

Yes, kids can have silly fantasies. And today these are fuelled by absurd and wicked garbage put out by adults. So, more and more kids will claim to be trans. Why?

Because it is the newest fad on the block.

Yes, some kids (very few) say they are the opposite sex – but this is NEVER factual.

For most they dream up their own scenario, supported by trans ‘authorities’ who are themselves deluded, or just going for the big bucks.

BUT NONE OF THIS MATTERS... because ‘trans’ is SO OBVIOUSLY a delusion!!

It has no science behind it, only ridiculously contrived social science fantasies of unscrupulous academics who have nothing better to do... and who, if they admitted to it, do not believe for one second what they are saying is correct! They just want to be in on the newest front-line fad to boost their careers, even though it harms children.

The very few kids who insist they are the opposite sex MUST be told it is a delusion. 

There might be a warped reason for them to think so – maybe abuse, or their parents showing favour more to their opposite-sex brothers/sisters. But, no matter what darker reasons there might be IT IS STILL DELUSION. In no way should anyone reinforce a delusion, especially if it does actual physical and emotional harm.

The child must be told time and again it isn’t real and they are not the opposite sex.

No real parent will give in to their kids’ fantasies and delusions. With every day of accepting their children’s delusions the delusion gets stronger until, fairly soon, it becomes their reality, damaging their psyche and mind. Adults who do this are despicable.