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Confused MSP's in Scotland in a bizarre ungodly 'knot' over the sacred bond of marriage

It has been formally announced that a major "United Christian Protest against same-sex marriage" will be held outside the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh on Thursday 8th December 2011.

The Organiser of the event, Mr Donald J Morrison, said that it was quite inconceivable that a Christian Protest like this should be necessary in Scotland in the first place. The "United Christian Protest against same-sex marriage" is being staged the day before the last day of the consultation period for responses to the Scottish Parliament. All those in Scotland who are opposed to the proposals, are urged to attend. Mr Morrison said "The Protest and Witness is but the beginning of a vigorous and active campaign against the Scottish Parliament's blasphemous proposals, which will continue until they have been completely withdrawn."

In a clarion call to all MSP's who believe that same sex marriage should be introduced, Mr Morrison has challenged them to vacate their offices in Edinburgh and resign with immediate effect. He said "The course they are taking is both divisive and destructive. In the light of everything that marriage stands for, in the proper sense, in Scottish society the proposals are an appalling disgrace. They wish, rather astonishingly, to accept and promote 'homosexual marriage' and then have everyone accept such knots as the norm! When some of our elected members want to rip to pieces the true meaning of marriage, and redefine it so crudely and so insultingly, it is clear that they are not fit to run our country."

He went on to say "The Bible makes in crystal clear that marriage is an exclusive union between one man and one woman. My pocket Oxford Dictionary may rightfully and honestly tell me that marriage is a 'legal union of a man and a woman for cohabitation and often procreation' but it is not the book that I, or any true Christian, relies on for our final authority. That book is the Bible, God's infallible Word. And woe to anyone who dares to trifle with its sacred teaching. That is exactly what the Scottish Government are doing: they are trifling with God's law.

God has already declared to us what marriage is and what it is not. It is not between one man and one man or between one woman and one woman. Genesis 2 v 23-24 records for us the creation of marriage:

And Adam said, 'This is now bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh; she shall be called "woman," because she was taken out of man.' Therefore shall a man leave his father and mother and shall cleave unto his wife, and they shall be one flesh.'

God has given His ruling and His verdict is final. The case is closed. It is therefore both despicable and shocking to see members of the Scottish Government in 2011 acting as if they were wiser than God in proposing to revise these terms and then legislate for bizarre unions to be formally recognised in society."

Mr Morrison said "Needless to say, this is a most serious issue. Indeed, it can be argued that were the changes envisaged to be implemented, it would have a most profound effect on the moral and spiritual condition of our nation. Christians must make their voice heard with as much, and with even greater, vigour than the gay lobby. The latter is certainly mustering its forces against God's Word. One need only examine the representations that have already been submitted to realise that Satan is determined to overthrow the Christian heritage of our country. But we have the Captain of our Salvation on our side. He surely calls us to resist the devil and to stand fast in such a day"

There are many Christians, and non-Christians alike, who vigorously oppose these proposals. It is the only marriage, in the proper sense, that genuine Bible believing Christians will ever honour, whatever the law of the land may say when the consultation process is over. It is certainly not politicians in Government, lawyers in court or judges with black robes that have the final decision. It is God. And all who fear God are more concerned about what He thinks than what men say: "We ought to obey God rather than men." (Acts 5v29) We suffer the consequences when we do not.

Very recently a US politician, David Weprin, lost a safe election seat in a district which has been held by his party since the 1920s. A New York poll revealed that he lost his seat because he backed same-sex marriage. He suddenly and rather devastatingly fell from his seat...just like a leaf from a tree. May this be a warning to all who are also comfortably 'seated' in Edinburgh: God is not mocked and God is not asleep.

Readers in Scotland are urged to make contact with their local MSP, in writing, and let them know that you strongly object to any plan to redefine Biblical marriage. Responses, which must be made by 9th December 2011, can be sent by e-mail, to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . The consultation paper can also be filled in on-line. For some this option may be preferable to downloading and printing the whole paper. To fill in the paper online go to:

25 October 2011

Donald J Morrison
"United Christian Protest against same-sex marriage"

...and finally a very challenging question

Can you be a witness at a same-sex marriage ceremony?

The reason for this is deeply rooted in the nature and history of the wedding ceremony. The presence of witnesses at a marriage ceremony affirms the righteous nature of the union. The ceremony then becomes an occasion of shared joy and celebration.

The traditional Christian ceremony, as reflected in The Book of Common Prayer, asks if anyone present knows of any reason why the couple should not be joined in holy matrimony. That is not intended as a hypothetical question. It is intended to ensure that no one present knows of any reason that the union should not be solemnized, recognized, and celebrated.

To put the matter straightforwardly, any Christian who knows that same-sex marriage violates God's Law and purpose for marriage knows — and cannot act as if he or she does not know — that a same-sex couple should not be joined in holy matrimony. To remain silent at that point is to abdicate theological and biblical responsibility. Even if the question is not formally asked in the ceremony, the issue remains. We cannot celebrate what we know to be wrong.

Given time, no church, no family, and no individual Christian will escape this question. This will lead, unquestionably, to hard decisions and awkward situations. The time to think about this question is now. (Albert Mohler @

© 26 October 2011

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