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Arsenal FC fouls with their PC laces

There was a time not so long ago when people of any age and ability searched after knowledge and truth and were able to identify wrong information and propaganda.

But not today.

Today, people do not search for meanings of words and phrases. They just accept whatever garbage comes from PC Hitlers.

For example, this morning on the news we heard that Arsenal Football Club is to hold a non-discrimination day against 'homophobia' and to wear rainbow coloured laces at their match on Saturday with Manchester City.

"Arsène Wenger believes football has a responsibility to fight homophobia and has strongly backed this weekend's Rainbow Laces campaign.

Arsenal players will lace their boots with rainbow colours when they face Manchester City at Emirates Stadium on Saturday, showing their support to help end discrimination in the sport." (, 11 Sept 2014)

The spokesman piously said that the Club was 'rightly against all forms of discrimination'. Oh me, oh my! The words of ignorance!

If a man came along and ruined his brand new high-performance car (I assume he has one – all footballers do), would he just accept it because the thug had a tough background? Or, would he call the police and demand justice?

If he was wearing his designer shoes and trousers, would he willingly choose to walk through a six inch deep mud pool, or would be rather choose to walk on a raised dry patch?

If he bought himself a million-pound home (quite likely), would he buy it in its own grounds in a nice area... or would he ask the estate agent to buy one in the centre of the worst crime-ridden, ruined area he could find?

Before he moved in, would he choose the colours of the paintwork? Would he choose the furniture?

And if he got married in these days of legal prostitution of one-nighters, would he choose a bride, or just marry anyone walking past his house, 'sight unseen'?

If he wanted to attend university after his glittering football career, would he just stick a pin in the list and tell the admissions department to just place him on any course going? Or would he choose a subject area he was interested in?

And when he went to a restaurant would he choose the food to eat or just try to swallow stuff he hated?

In all of the above he would choose what he wanted to do. That is, he would discriminate.

The problem is that few people understand that discrimination occurs every single day of our lives. Some of it we might not like.

In Malta some years ago I was amused (but felt sorry for the local) when the bus driver accepted tourists on his bus, but when it was too full, he shouted to a local "Get offa ma bus!" That was discrimination... and the local was certainly not happy.

There are many occasions when discrimination is either to be preferred, or is necessary. In other words, pious pontificators need to discriminate what they mean by discrimination! Clearly, they don't, but are misled and severely deceived by homosexualists.

If you knew a man with Ebola was getting onto your 'plane, would you argue strongly against it? If he actually boarded, would you actually get off the 'plane in protest? In both situations I KNOW you would discriminate!

And what if he wanted to shake your hand or eat with you or mingle with your family?

When I go to see my doctor, if I hear much coughing and sneezing in the waiting room, I will stand outside in the fresh air, rather than sit and get further infections. That is discrimination.

If I know a man or woman is homosexual, and is serving food, or cooking, in a café or restaurant, I will walk out. This is because I know their sexual habits – some of which are truly disgusting. I would not trust their hygiene was okay!

If I hear a blatantly homosexual presenter on radio or TV I will switch off. If I can I will avoid shaking hands, because all the ways of HIV transmission are not known (despite assurances from authorities) and I don't want their sweat on my hands. Nor will I ever

use a public swimming pool. Transmission of HIV by either means is very minimal and requires certain pre-conditions... but whilst there is a chance of infection I will err on the side of... discrimination.

If I discriminate against someone because of the colour of their skin, then that is bad discrimination, a mindless prejudice.

If I discriminate against an illegal immigrant, no matter what his skin colour is, then that is positive discrimination.

Same goes for a legal immigrant who enters the country with no job prospects and takes benefits without working or bothering to work.

I chose to move away from a large council estate because of the high crime rate, foul language always spoken and shouted, day and night, the seemingly hundreds of dogs barking, and the generally anti-social atmosphere of the estate. I went to a quieter private area and bought my own home. That is discrimination. And when I chose the better part of that area and a better home, that, too, was discrimination. If the rental properties either side are ever occupied by homosexuals I will be civil but will choose not to socialise... not because they are sinners who have chosen a foul sin, but because of the sin itself, which is harmful and foul.

Why should we discriminate against homosexuality? If you need to ask that question it is obvious that you have either lived in a bubble of ignorance, or you have fallen for the lies issued by Stonewall and government! In both cases you have no real excuse.

We must discriminate because homosexuality is riddled with fatal diseases that are currently killing millions around the world.

We must discriminate because most homosexuals want to use our children for their evil sexual desires, thus infecting them with HIV.

We must discriminate because of their wicked practices that can have a knock-on effect on our own lives.

I ask you, if you knew 'Typhoid Mary' was bringing you food, would you avoid her like the plague? Or accept typhus?

We must discriminate because homosexuals hate God and Christians and will do anything to harm us, especially if we speak out against their evil lifestyle.

We must discriminate because the homosexual movement is fascist and is destroying freedom of speech, thought and religion.

We must discriminate against homosexuality because it lies its head off, time and again, despising truth and reality.

And the above is only the start!! There are countless reasons to discriminate against homosexuality, and NONE of it is 'homophobia'!

Discrimination against homosexuality is necessary and common-sense, for many, many reasons! Only the ignorant and the stupid would argue against objections to homosexuality, which is degrading to humanity, filthy in action, foul in language and

desires, and fascist in concept and application. Homosexuals discriminate against Christians every moment of every day. Yet they demand non-discrimination from others!

Arsenal stooges should learn what real discrimination is. They should understand what they are talking about before foolishly opening their mouths in fake piety. There are sound reasons to discriminate against what harms society as a whole!